WeGeeks' Visa-Free Onsite Freelancers Program

Experience the power of WeGeeks' visa-free onsite freelancers program, where you can seamlessly connect with skilled professionals. By tapping into this diverse talent pool, you can bring fresh perspectives and exceptional expertise to your projects.

Say goodbye to visa restrictions and effortlessly onboard the right talent to achieve remarkable results. Harness the potential of international expertise, break geographical limitations, and foster innovation with WeGeeks. Take advantage of this opportunity to access a world of talent, enhance productivity, and drive success in your business ventures.

Skilled Workforce

Indonesian developers ranked 7th globally in problem-solving skills and 12th in algorithmic knowledge.

Source: PayScale

English Proficiency

Indonesia's English proficiency is classified as upper intermediate.

Source: EF English Proficiency

Rapidly Growing Tech Ecosystem

Indonesia has a thriving tech ecosystem with over 2,000 startups and $3 billion in tech sector investments.

Source: McKinsey

Benefits of Offshore Freelancers

Real-Time Collaboration

Collaborate seamlessly with freelancers for immediate problem-solving, faster turnaround times, and efficient coordination.

Enchanced Communication

Enjoy enhanced communication channels to connect seamlessly with freelancers, ensuring smooth information flow and timely updates.

Work Permit Support

We handle the legal complexities and provide work permit support, ensuring freelancers can work legally in your country.

Knowledge Transfer

Leverage the knowledge and diverse perspectives of freelancers to foster knowledge transfer and innovation within your team.

Step-by-Step Hiring Process


Candidate Selection

Browse our extensive talent pool and select tech talent based on their skills and experience for your onsite project.


Contract Negotiation

Streamline the contract negotiation process, ensuring fair agreements on project scope, deliverables, timelines, and payment terms.



Experience a smooth onboarding process facilitated by our platform, including introductions, project documentation, and necessary training materials.