Terms & Condition

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Terms & Condition
  • We collect the Client's personal data information, it includes name, contact information, and your website link (if any).

  • Our Freelancer are not limited to being a Fulltimer. We will work with Client to fully understand Client's specific requirements so that we can establish a mutually beneficial arrangement.

  • If Client asks us to delete your account or data, we are required to fulfill the your request, but we may keep basic data to prevent further unwanted processing.

  • We will have no liability to you for any unauthorized access or use of any of your projects, or any corruption, deletion, destruction, or loss of any of your data.

  • Client and Freelancer may not terminate cooperation without our consent.

  • Our Freelancer/Fulltimer work remotely, yet they are ready on a working-hour.

  • Client from around the worlds are welcome.

General Condition
  • Client means an individual business/company/corporate who hire Freelancer/Fulltimer from WeGeekS Marketplace.

  • Freelancer means WeGeekS Tech Talent who will assist your project.

  • Daily report means a work report that will be sent by Freelancer daily after they finish their work.

  • Need Approval means a project need approval from Client or Freelancer.

  • Waiting Talent Approval means Client's feedback is needed to be accepted by talent.

  • Waiting Resolved from Admin means Freelancer's daily report is rejected with note by Client. When Freelancer rejected the note as well, the status will change into Waiting Resolved from Admin and it will be managed by our team.

  • Terminated means Client's remove and end contract Freelancer in a project.

  • You are eligible to get a refund when you have trouble when checking out talent's report. In this case, when you have a misleading with Talent regarding working hours and daily report, our Admin (as a third party) will take forward an action to meet a win-win solution for both parties (Talent and Client).

  • You may get a refund if your project is fraudulent conduct for any reason.

Effective June 20, 2023